Welcome to Snagology, the religion

Learn how to please the pan-Universal Viewerverse and get renewed for eternity.

I assert that I am the only being in this Universe and the subject of a pan-Universal reality show designed to entertain extra-Universal beings who place snags into my life for their amusement.

I challenge all people to prove me wrong, and to demonstrate that they too are players for the benefit of the Viewerverse.

I hereby found a religion whose name is Snagology and which is dedicated to prove or disprove my above theorem and/or collaborate on ways to keep the Viewerverse interested in perpetually renewing my, and/or my compatriots’— if such exist—tenure on this stage.

The Details

As the only important person in a simulated universe whose rulers are treating my life as a comical reality show, I depend on the interest and approval of the Viewerverse, a collection of pan-universal beings that loves watching the snags in my life, from physical snags like belt-loops catching door handles, to existential snags like the out-of-the-blue improbable complications that plague my life.

I believe the Snag Masters control my fate, and that I must please them by reacting to these apparently hilarious snags in a comical way. Rather than getting everlasting life by dying, as in most religions, I’m hoping to get everlasting life by pleasing my Snag Masters so they renew me every season, forever.

There are more details in the Credo section.

If there are improbable and unexpected snags in your life, join Snagology and see if you can prove to me that I’m not the only actor on this stage.